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Get your lavender on!

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I just love this time of year as we head into the lavender season.  Each june we attend the Ojai Valley Lavender Festival occupieing our favorite spot right next to the gazebo. For nearly  a decade we can be found in the same spot with the same crew...our family of purple wouldnt miss it.  In this fun video you can see our booth which proudly boasts my fathers lavender harvesting buggy adorned with fresh lavender bouquets and the giant lavender chair that holds three to four adults for those fun selfies.  And of course the lavender home made farm signs all done with love made by my dad Don.  Don't miss this years line up of lavender festivals starting with Ojai and then our very own Central Coast Lavender Festival right here in the downtown city park of Paso Robles on July 8thHope to see you in your purple!!


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More than words can say.

You know that feeling you get when you make something for a friend to help them feel better and it does? Well, I had that feeling this morning and I wanted to share why with these very real CCL product reviews. So many times over the years our hearts are filled with more joy than [...]

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Fabulous Feet: Skin Care and Foot Care Secrets for a beautiful Sandal-Ready Summer

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”—Leonardo da Vinci Although this may be the same for everyone, it sure is for this barefoot loving girl!  After a long winter undercover, my feet are rarely quite for their big summer debut. So as I began slipping on my flip-flops I [...]

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Carrots... not just good for your eyes! Introducing our new Carrot Ginger Bar Soap

Hello moisture!! Did you know that carrots aren't just good to eat but are an amazing addition to your skincare routine? Another one of Mother Natures amazing gifts that we often find we can also eat. Introducing our brand new line of Artisan Cold Process Bar Soaps! Today we introduce our Carrot Ginger Soap, ideal [...]

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The Flowers of Spring~Italian Ranunculus

Spring, my favorite time of the year,  as it brings with it green tipped grass and the sound of native birds who have returned to reclaim their garden homes.  We are blooming here at Central Coast Lavender with the first day of spring, but not with our usual purple long tailed spikes of lavender.... no [...]

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...For most who know us and our love for flowers, this old but sweet poem rings true of our feelings about our lavender herb & flower farm. With blooms of lavender, roses, yarrow, and curly willows, a simple walk around the farm cutting fresh flowers [...]

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100% Green Gopher Control

Happy Friday lavender fans. Ok, very rarely do you hear us promoting brands but when we do it's primarily for family run business with Eco-friendly practices with an alike philosophy as ours. Well, I have one I know you will all LOVE. Being certified organic is at the heart of our business [...]

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Todays BOGO!

Hello Lavender Fans. Today's BOGO is going to make hundreds of CCL fans extremely happy and pain free! Ready? Here it is... Healing Butter is today's BOGO Yes... buy 2 healing butter at retail price and receive 1 FREE! No code needed, discount taken automatically. Expires Midnight 10/19/15 http://www.centralcoastlavender.com/healing-butter/

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Smudging: Burning Herbs To Purify Air Of Harmful Bacteria And Energies

Smudging is the name given to the ceremonial and day-to-day act of cleansing and purification using a selection of herbs, which are bundled together using string to form a smudge stick and then ignited. The smoke emitted from the bundle is said to cleanse negative energy, influence or spirits and purify places, people and even [...]

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Every Now and Then.....CLEARANCE SALE!

Every now and then we all like a little treat right? Treats come in all sorts of ways some sweet and tasty and some divine and luxurious. Not being able to decide which one I personally like best, I've decided to treat all of our lavender fans to both with a Clearance [...]

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