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This bundle includes 3 of our amazing Olive Oil products - A $45 value for only $36!

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Olive Oil Dream Balm - A calming sleep enhancer

Dream a little dream with our natural Dream Balm made with organic extra virgin olive oil, bee's wax and a gentle pairing with the essential oils of lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and fir balsam. Apply at night to the temples and wrists for a cozy nights sleep. Another way to utilize the power of botanicals.  Use this product for your evening routine. Excellent for children!

No artificial ingredients, no synthetics, no petroleum products and no perfumes.


Olive Oil Healing Balm - Ancient Remedy.

Cuts, Scrapes, Minor Burns, Bites, Stings, Irritated Skin, Blisters, Cracked or Calloused Skin, Hands Scars, and more.

Olive Oil Healing Balm. A remarkable healer of dry skin, bruises, muscle aches bites and abrasions and much more. This naturally organic balm is made from locally grown and developed olive oil that has been infused with precious herbs to heal and protect. Hand crafted here at our farm.

Crafted in the ancient tradition using Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bee’s wax and a propritary blend of Essential Oils.


Olive Oil de Provence Hand & Body Lotion - Dessert for the skin!

Made with moisturizing olive oil, sweet apricot kernel oil and aloe vera for unrivaled skin softening. Moisturizing repair for a luxurious spa experience every day. Naturally paraben & sulfate free.

With a base of pure olive oil, infused with Certified Organic Lavender and apricot seed oil, our thick lotion is packed with skin loving vitamins.Olive Oil deeply penetrates conveying powerful antioxidant protection to your skin. while Apricot Oil increases this lotion's ability to Moisturize, Soften & Repair Damage. Because of this lotion's Naturally high levels of sterolins, it provides skin a healthy more youthful appearance.

Central Coast Lavender's hand and body lotions are renown for their rich and luxurious feel.  Our all-natural hand and body lotions are made from 89% certified organic ingredients and infused with a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils of our signature blends.  Hand blended in small batches, with just the right balance of natural moisture for the rejuvenation of your skin's soft, supple, healthy glow from your head to your toes.


Herbs de Provence Spice Blend

Excelent used as a rub too!

Let us take you to the markets of Southern France in your very own kitchen with this unique culinary blend.  A little of our Lavender infused extra virgin olive oil or your own and these herbs come alive on roasted vegetables, grilled meats or marinated cheeses and more.  Our Herbs de Provence brings a unique flavor of the Mediterranean into a meal.  Sage, basil, fennel, oregano and Central Coast Lavenders Certified Organic Lavender.  Enjoy!



Olive Oil Bundle


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