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  • Fine Culinary - English Lavender

    Fine Culinary - English Lavender

    Sugars, Seasonings, Blends & More Angustifolia Lavender has a light, sweet, minty taste perfect for confections, teas and blends. Fine Certified Organic Culinary Lavender. Select from our English Lavender Angustifolia...

  • Herbal Lavender Mint Tea

    Herbal Lavender Mint Tea

    “Anytime Tea” Lavender Mint Tea   Central Coast Lavenders unique blend of certified organic lavender and the finest organic Mint Tea bring comfort anytime of the day. Brought to you in a cozy tea canister...

  • Herbs de Provence

    Herbs de Provence
    $7.95 $7.00

    Herbs de Provence Let us take you to the markets of Southern France in your very own kitchen with this unique culinary blend.  A little of our Lavender infused extra virgin olive oil or your own and these herbs come...

  • Lavender Lemon Pepper

    Lavender Lemon Pepper
    $7.95 $7.00

    A hint of Provence A pepper blend with both a sour and salty twist. Our Lemon Pepper is great on seafood,chicken, vegetables, and especially on potatoes. Salt, black pepper, garlic, honey, wheat germ, citric acid, onion,...

  • Lavender Sea Salt

    Lavender Sea Salt
    $6.00 $5.00

    Natural Sea Salt & Certified Organic Lavender This unique flavor adds texture & surprise to any dish. Excellent on fresh garden veggies, chicken & fish.