The truth is, there is NO such thing as Theraputic Grade Essential Oils...

Published by Lila Avery-Fuson on 15th Aug 2015


Essential Oils not therapeutic?  Yes, the use of essential oils can be therapeutic when care and understanding your oils is paired with knowledge and a proper modality in its application. 

But not all oils are created the same and most disturbingly not

all are represented the same. 

Please do not be fooled by corporate marketing strategies that are more concerned with the bottom line than honesty and your health......

I thought I'd share some valuable information that for most of my friends really means something when it comes to the health of their families and the modalities so many of us subscribe to which is good, truthful intent and honesty.

I have never been much for MLM companies.... wrong energy and intent I suppose so this is not new news to me but for so many who enjoy aromatherapy, essential oils and the art of being real.... I must share. 

As an aromatherapist, formulator and distiller, I believe we need to create awareness and educate all with positive intentions and this is best served with love in healing and helping and not based on money and success. If you are truly performing with the right intention the rest will follow.

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