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Published by Lila Avery-Fuson via Wellness Universe on 23rd Oct 2017

The Powerful Benefits of Smiling by Alessandrina Dorer #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Smiling

Smiling can be challenging at times.

In this article, I’ll share with you the benefits of smiling and how it can bring about more joy, happiness, love, inner peace, and fulfillment in your life. How does it feel to smile?

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to smile? I’m not talking about pretending to or forcing yourself. I’m talking about allowing yourself to let go of the thoughts in your mind, allowing your emotions to flow through you effortlessly, and simply smile.

Smile for no other reason other than it feels good; because you’ve got the weight of the world lifted off of your shoulders; because you are fulfilled, present, and alive; because you feel safe and at peace.

Sometimes, smiling can feel like the hardest thing to do.

It can be the easiest and the hardest thing to do. You may have felt this inner conflict before. Maybe you lost someone you love; maybe you’ve had health challenges, faced difficult situations, or someone was unkind. In those moments, it might be difficult to smile.

But what if you chose in those moments to still let go of the pain with the deep inner knowing that this too shall pass?

First, you may just smile with relief because you feel lighter without your negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and fears. And as you do, you feel better. As you connect to the feelings that this brings, you’re no longer smiling with relief, but with happiness and joy.

Smiling opens your heart and creates positive momentum.

The simple act of smiling is a powerful agent of positive transformation. It’s beneficial to your entire being. It is healthy for you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

It opens your heart. I’m not only talking about your spiritual heart and the connection you feel to Spirit when you smile. I’m talking about the scientifically proven physiological effects of smiling on your physical heart, your hormones, and the other organs and systems within your body.

Those who smile often tend to live happier, longer lives. It can enhance your mood, increase your creativity, and shift your entire way of looking at yourself and the world. When you do so, you bring up happy memories and attract to you much more things to smile about.

Smiling enhances the quality of your consciousness.

When you smile, your entire perspective changes and you experience a shift in consciousness that allows you to experience life in a completely different way. Your entire being is connecting to feelings of happiness, joy, love, inner peace, and a deep sense of connection and fulfillment. When you smile, you could say that you become one with God.

When smiling, you’re not worried about anything. You’re not thinking about the past or fearing the future. You bring about feelings of safety, inner peace, and contentment creating ripples not only within yourself, but also, in all the people you happen to meet. You create ripples throughout the entire universe.

Smiling is an act of faith with many ripple effects.

When you smile, you inspire others to do the same. You bring peace into your world and the world as a whole, one smile at a time. It’s a declaration to the universe that we feel okay, that we are alright, and that we know deep inside that we will be fine, no matter what.

If we feel gratitude for all the goodness of life, we will feel more relaxation, joy, happiness, love, inner peace, connection, fulfillment, and alignment with God. If we take more time to smile, we will experience peace within ourselves and peace in the world.

If you want to smile more or need a reason to smile today, try this guided mindfulness practice: Learn to Smile.

– Alessandrina

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