How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Central Coast Lavender would like to share with you a few simple ways to use our Lavender Essential Oil

In Bath:

Excellent for aching muscles, relaxation, and stress relief. Add 6-8 drops after running the water and vigorously agitate water. Adding the drops to a cupful of milk or Epsom salts and then putting in the bath helps to disperse the oils through out the water. This is a great way to receive the benefits of Lavender Oil. Lie back, relax, and enjoy!

In Shower:

After washing your hair, add a few drops to a cupful of water and gently pour onto your head. Stand there for a few seconds then dip your head under running water and allow oils to rinse off. Cup your hands over your face and breathe in the relaxing aroma. Lavender oil can also be added (a few drops) to your shampoo and cleanse your hair as normal.

Room Diffuser:

Fill the top dish of an 'essential oil diffuser' or a 'vaporizer' with water and add 6-8 drops of Lavender Oil. Place a lit tea light candle in the space provided underneath the dish. This is a very good way to receive the benefits of the oil. Use in your favorite room. Vaporization is especially good to use when you have a cold or are feeling under the weather. Keep burner away from droughts and open windows. Hint: use warm water in the dish for quicker results.


This is a particularly effective way to apply the oils when you have tight and sore muscles, under stress, or have sustained an injury. The oils will be absorbed quickly into the blood stream, thus assisting the body and mind.

Tissue or Handkerchief:

Great for an immediate relief from the flu, sinusitis, or those moments of sudden anxiety. Add a few drops and breathe deeply immediately.

As a Compress:

In a bowl of warm water add 6-10 drops and swirl around. Soak a cloth in the water, then gently squeeze out enough water so that it will not drip and apply to the area you wish to treat. Use cold water for treating new muscular injuries or sprains so not to induce swelling.

Tired Hands/Feet:

Add 6-10 drops to warm water and soak your fatigued hands or feet for 10 minute's

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