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Valentine’s is here again so now would be the perfect time to talk about the more loving essential oils that are perfect for romantic evenings with that someone special.

Three of the most popular and well known essential oils in aromatherapy that provoke feelings of pleasure, sensuality and loving moods and help to open the body and release inhibitions are lavenderamber, and bergamont.

This amazing combination is one that Central Coast Lavender has blended in our delicious ‘Body Souffle’. Its perfect for massage from head to toe! A delicate blend of lavender essential oil that influences the emotional part of us.

Lavender essential oil is especially great for helping to dissolve away emotional blocks involving relationships and intimacy. It also helps with reducing psychological tension, frigidity, coldness, fear and helps bring a sense of happiness.

Amber essential oil helps to stimulate joy, optimism and playfulness. Physiologically amber essential oil creates warmth and harmony in the body and stimulates sensuality and happiness, especially when combined with lavender essential oil. Amber helps connect us to our five physical senses and also helps to remove inhibitions.

Bergamont essential oil is a soft sweet fragrance that stimulates feminine sensuality, creativity and insightful moods. The fragrance stimulates the part of the brain that releases endorphins so it has anti-depressive properties and is great for nervous conditions and tension. Its effects are calming and antispasmodic, much like valerian. It is wonderful for helping the body to relax, unwind and open up to loving feelings.

Experience this Valentine’s Day with the hand of mother nature. Share it, Gift it, Enjoy it with your someone special.