Happy Friday lavender fans. Ok, very rarely do you hear us promoting brands but when we do it's primarily for family run business with Eco-friendly practices with an alike philosophy as ours. Well, I have one I know you will all LOVE. Being certified organic is at the heart of our business model and with it challenging and insightful options appear

when battling pesky critters like Gophers for example. 

We all have them, we all don't want them interfering with our crops and gardens but how can we manage them organically and effectively? Well a fellow steward of mother earth has figured out a genius way that is safe for the planet and all those who inhabit it, humans and pets too. It's 'GOPHER GOO' The non-Toxic Solution! It's earth friendly and biodegradable and it's genius is from our Central Coast area in Arroyo Grande. How cool is that! You have to check it out: http://gophergoo.com/

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