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You know that feeling you get when you make something for a friend to help them feel better and it does? Well, I had that feeling this morning and I wanted to share why with these very real CCL product reviews.

So many times over the years our hearts are filled with more joy than words can say because of our customers and fans. Keep sharing your thoughts, it's truly what makes it all worth while.


My name is Jo Ann and I'm 73 years young!

Last March I was visiting family in Paso Robles and my sister took me to the Farmer's Market in town. I have always loved using alternatives to the OTC's available that were at one time prescription drugs. For me, they don't work. Thus, when we walked by your booth I immediately was willing to try a sample of the "Healing Butter". I know and believe in the healing properties of lavender, but am not fond of the fragrance. Well, the cream has a lovely fragrance with a menthol that tones down the lavender.

Within minutes of applying it to my very, very sore elbow (I have terrible tendonitis and have had a shot which only hurt, didn't do much else). I am on my second jar now of the Healing Butter! Very little is necessary when applying! It soothes and I now just use it at bedtime. A wonderful side affect is that my fingers that are always cracked and sore have cleared up. I used prescription products for this skin issue for years!

I would highly recommend anyone to try this product. NO, it isn't going to "cure" the ailment but it certainly does help with the pain management.

Thank you for asking me to share about this wonderful product!
Jo Ann




I buy the Healing Butter!

Posted by Raymond


I buy the Healing Butter Aromatherapy Pain Relief and the Instant Relief for my wife to help with her allergies. She swears by both products and does get the relief she needs. Great products that actually work, great service - what more can I say!


Miracle balm ! 

Posted by Tracey

"I use this, my Mother uses this, I use it on my dogs and my horse. It heals, skin tags disappear, warts disappear....marvelous stuff ! Highly recommend this product!"

I love this product! I

Posted by Debbie


I love this product! I have gifted it to family! Perfect to help heal scrapes, scratches and I am using it on my incision to keep skin moist and minimize scar line. The incision is healing well and helps with keeping the skin moving during physical therapy, Thank you Central Coast Lavender!



Stress Relief!