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Spring, my favorite time of the year,  as it brings with it green tipped grass and the sound of native birds who have returned to reclaim their garden homes. 

We are blooming here at Central Coast Lavender with the first day of spring, but not with our usual purple long tailed spikes of lavender.... no this spring we welcome the soft and romantic petals that adorn the exquisite Italian Ranunculus. 

What a joy it has been working with Onings Holland / Biancheri Creations who last fall asked us to become their test site for their new Italian Ranunculus varieties. Everyday its an increedible jouney for our entire family as we continue to sustain our farm with a bit of diversity and wonder.



It's a labor of love, a colorful purpose as we work towards changing the 'import flower business' one seed, one stem, one small farm at a time.  We invite you to join us as we bring our family and friends locally grown flowers that simply put a smile on all who surround them. for a bouquet?  Visit us at your local farmers market.

More to come... 

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