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Organza Sachets

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Instant Relief
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Organic Lavender Sachets. Use our Lavender Sachet to freshen up anything from your linen drawers to your rooms.

Lavender is considered the herb of memory and used in wedding celebrations as a symbol of luck, joy and devotion.

It is becoming popular to throw dried lavender flowers at the bride and groom in lieu of rice. And often times, small lavender sachets are presented as favors to guests


Small Sachet:
Our small sachet is 3" x 4" and holds 2 oz of lavender flowers/buds.
Medium Sachet:
Our organza sachets come in three sizes according to both weight and dimension. Our small sachet is 3" x 4" and holds 2 oz of lavender flowers/buds.Our medium sachet is 4" x 6" and holds 6 oz of lavender flowers/buds.
Large Sachet:
Our large sachet is 5" x 8" and holds 9 oz of lavender.